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"The Ferrari is a dream-people dream of owning this special vehicle and for most people it will remain a dream, apart from for those lucky few." -Enzo Ferrari

Sunday, October 26, 2008

I've moved!

To my Ferrari fans. I have moved to Wordpress.org to have my own domain and hosting so that I can provide my information without being shut down. There is also the better feature of the comments being displayed so that you can carry on a dialog and know what others as well as I are saying. The blog has a different name. It is: http://www.ferraridreams.biz/ . This is my last post for my Blogger.com blog. I hope to see you at my new blog. BLOGGING TO THE FUTURE!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ferrari's London Store to open on Regent Street

The high-end United Kingdom Ferrari Store is expected to open in November. It will be based in London's Regent St. and the two floor 5,920 sq. ft. store will feature flexible aluminum panelling around the perimeter and moving gondolas, allowing layouts to be changed rapidly.
The shop will have two areas-one that alludes to the brand's racing history and the other for the sale of luxury branded merchandise.
The windows and displays in the luxury zone will be more classic, featuring high-gloss coatings and leather surfaces. The interior is to be reminiscent of the form and internal treatment of Ferrari cars.
The London store opening is part of a global plan by the brand to open more than 40 retail outlets across Europe, North America, Asia, and the Middle East.
The company already has 22 stores worldwide and this would be their 23rd.

Source: http://www.prweek.com and http://www.retail-week.com

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Ferrari Personalization Program for 599 GTB Fiorano

Ferrari increases its One to One Personalization Program to extend from the 612 Scaglietti to the 599 GTB Fiorano.
Customers of this vehicle will now be able to visit the dedicated Atelier in Maranello to create and reserve their own car.
Not only will they have a vast range of color and trim to choose from, but will also be assisted by specially trained Ferrari consultants.
Clients attending the Paris Auto Show can go to Ferrari's stand to work out every last detail of their 599 GTB Fiorano according to their own personal needs and tastes.
Dedicated Ferrari staff will be on hand to work with clients at each step of the way.

Source: http://www.evo.co.uk and http://www.totallymotor.co.uk

Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Debut of the Ferrari California in Paris

Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo with the new California at the 2008 Paris auto show.
The all-new Pininfarina-designed California was unveiled at the October 2nd, 2008 Paris Motor Show. It is a GT model with a front-mounted eight-cylinder. The car's most notable feature is a retractable hardtop, besides other innovative features. Its V-8 uses direct fuel injection and is connected to a new seven speed double-clutch transmission. Cabin technology includes Bluetooth cell phone integration, an iPod connector, and a hard drive-based navigation.
According to Ferrari CEO Amedeo Felisa it combines the purring, powerful performance of a Ferrari with features for people who want more fun from their sports cars and he's predicting record sales.
About 6,000 people-including more than 100 in South Africa-have expressed interest in buying a California, which will retail for approximately $250,000, before Ferrari has even opened its order book.
Felisa said Ferrari expected 2008 to be another record breaking year, with "more or less constant" sales in US and Europe boosted by growth in countries such as Russia, China and the United Arab Emirates.
Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo said in a press conference he hoped the financial would remove some of the distortions in the market, with people paying to move up the waiting list for a Ferrari or selling their Ferrari contract.
He said the waiting list was an important tool in maintaining an exclusiveness that people were willing to pay for, as Ferrari always supplied less than the market demanded.
Ferrari delivered 6,465 cars in 2008, an increase of 14% from 2006 to meet demand in new markets, "without losing one inch of exclusivity" in its established markets, Montezemolo said.

Source: http://www.motoring.co.za/ and http://reviews.cnet.com/

Thursday, October 2, 2008

2009 Ferrari 430 Scuderia

To increase performance of the regular F430, Ferrari started by adding lightness-about 220 lbs. of lightness.
'Minimalist' would be the word to describe the cockpit of the Ferrari. Minimalist to the point of there being no carpets and the lightest possible door trims. But the real weight savings are far more technical. Hollow anti-roll bars, titanium springs and wheel nuts, lighter shock-absorbers, and a lighter steering box. Carbon fiber is widely used here and there, along with lightweight materials for various parts of the external trim. In pursuit of lightness, Ferrari has not gone as far as eliminating the radio or satellite navigation.
With the horsepower-per-liter output raised, you'll discover that the 4.3-liter Scuderia develops 510 horsepower and this car is just weighing 2,827 pounds.
At the same time, a higher compression ratio delivers an increase in torque, and a greater flexibility. Some 80% of the rated peak torque of 470 Nm (Newton meters) occurs from just 3,000 rpm, which makes the Ferrari much more easier to control than you might imagine of a car designed primarily for track use. As a result, the Ferrari will burble along in heavy traffic, without the engine getting lumpy or sounding over-riched.
To some extent, the engine owes its smoothness to Formula 1 technology, and provides yet another example of how Ferrari's racing experience has been allowed to trickle down to its production cars. As with the company's F1 engines, each cylinder of the 430 Scuderia has its own ignition coil. In addition, some clever new software detects the ionization current within each cylinder during combustion. Ionization current is a sort of chemical soup from which suitable sensors can extract specific information about the efficiency of the burn. The Ferrari system uses these measurements to fine-tune the advance feed in order to get the biggest bang from the leanest burn. In effect, the engine is constantly being tuned as you drive along.
You can reach the legal limit from a standstill in about four seconds, but the greatest pleasure is gotten from the stab 'n' go mid-range punch. Under heavy acceleration, the thrust is interrupted by mere milliseconds as the paddle-controlled F1 box changes gear in an instant. New 'parallelization' technology means that as gear changes occur, a number of things happen almost simultaneously; torque is reduced, the clutch is disengaged, cogs are swapped, the clutch is released, and torque re-applied. All those things happen in about 60 milliseconds. There is a very good reason why Ferrari calls its new transmission F1-Superfast2.
Integrated with the gearshift is something called E-Diff. On a twisting road or circuit, the engine torque migrates from one side of the driven axle to the other as the throttle opening, steering angle, suspension loadings, and relative wheel speeds change according to the car's motion and velocity (as distinct from speed). In short, the wheel with the most grip gets the most torque. But, unlike most systems, which wait for a wheel to lose grip before reacting, the E-Diff uses an array of sensors to anticipate the onset of traction loss to prevent it happening in the first place.
E-Diff works in conjunction with the car's standard traction and stability controls to enable, in Ferrari's words, "...a less expert driver to take the vehicle to its limits." But for those who think they've got what it takes, there is the racing manettino.
There is then Michael Schumacher, 7-time F1 World Champion, who enters the story. It was he, in conjunction with Ferrari engineers, who helped develop the racing manettino used on the 430 Scuderia. Taking the form of a small rotary switch located near the steering wheel boss, the manettino enables a driver to switch between a number of traction settings: Wet or low-grip, Sport, and Race. In turn, each provides slightly more aggressive engine mapping and a quicker gear-change.
And for experienced drivers there are two more settings. The first switches off just the traction control, and the second, both traction and stability control. From that point, you're on your own, with only the E-Diff for company.
In the setting 'Race', it brings into play another button that enables a softer setting for the telescopic dampers. Using that combination, you get the best of both worlds: optimum performance and a reasonable ride.
The 430 Scuderia is as meticulously engineered as a spacecraft, and as finely tuned as a Formula One car. And thanks to Mr. Schumacher, you can drive it like an expert.

Source: http://www.newcarnet.co.uk

Saturday, September 27, 2008

2009 Ferrari 612 Scaglietti

The oldest current model, the 612 Scaglietti, is also its least desirable, if the marketplace is any indication. While the F430 and the 599 GTB Fiorano enjoy long waiting lists, Ferrari's flagship can sometimes be bought right off of the showroom floor. Does it make the car bad? Not at all-it's still a Ferrari.
The problem is that the 612 has an elegant, reserved demeanor compared to the entry-level F430 with which its behavior is juvenile in respect to the polished Scaglietti that feels best when it's cruising gently around town. Its V-12 is quiet inside the cabin, the ride is plush, and the steering is light, offering far less feedback than you'd expect. The interior is flawlessly finished, with beautiful leather on every surface.
When you turn the manettino to Sport mode, the 612's automated-manual transmission starts off a neck-snapping, 100-millisecond, full-throttle shift. That may explain the Ferrari key fob, which seems totally out of place in this understated coupe, remains arrest-me red.
Ferrari has made some subtle changes to the Scaglietti for its fifth year, and one not-so-subtle change to the price. The cheapest 612 you can now buy retails for an almost incomprehensible $318,538. Last year, you could drive out of a dealership in a 612 for roughly $55,000 less. What do you get for the extra money?
First of all, an updated SuperFast version of Ferrari's F1 automated-manual gearbox is now standard, complete with the aforementioned manettino. A manual transmission is no longer available. If you force it to, the updated 612 will haul its 4100-pounds self to 62 mph in 0.2 sec.
faster than before, in four seconds flat. The coupe keeps accelerating to 199 mph, and it's them numbers that is likely will impress potential 612 customers.
The updated Scaglietti also receives a Bose infotainment and navigation system and a glass panoramic roof. A center-console-mounted, three position switch commands electrochromatic elements in the glass to help block the sun's rays and keep the interior cooler on warm days.
If the sticker price still isn't steep enough, you can make use of Ferrari's new One-to-One program, which allows you to customize your car to your own tastes.

Source: http://www.automobilemag.com/

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

World Premiere of the 2009 Ferrari California

In a webcast from its new factory in Maranello, Italy, Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo officially introduced Ferrari's latest model, the California, to the tune of "California Dreamin" by the Mamas and the Papas, and images depicting the history of the Prancing Horse which were displayed along the walls.
The world premiere was held also simultaneously outside of Los Angeles, California, at a Santa Monica private airport, with more than 1,000 guests from all over the world at the two locations. Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Governor of California and guest of honour was also present at the event.
Amidst the speeches, we weren't able to learn much more about the car itself. We already knew that it has a 4.3L direct-injected V-8 that makes 460 hp under the hood and that it sprints to 62 mph in under four seconds. We knew it's stopped by carbon-ceramic brakes clamped by Brembo calipers and features Ferrari's first dual-clutch gearbox along with its F1-Trac traction control system.
What we did learn, however, is that it will produce 1.08 lb/mile of CO2. Although on the high side, Ferrari says that the figure represents a 30% reduction over previous models. The seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox took Ferrari four years to develop and the third-generation F1-Trac traction control system has been updated with new programming for rainy conditions. Ferrari also confirmed that the car will ride on third-generation magneto-rheological shocks, and that it will be available in at least two colors, the classic Ferrari Red and a blue-ish silver metallic.
In addition to Luca di Montezemolo, the unveiling was attended by current Scuderia Ferrari drivers Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa.
The event featured Ferrari Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher who was also on hand, having been involved since the very earliest stages in the development of the California, an innovative car sporting a new eight-cylinder engine and a retractable folding hard top.
Di Montezemolo was in such a good mood after praising the car, every member of the design team, the late Phil Hill and Andrea Pininfarina, and all three drivers that he decided to take a shot at the driver one point ahead of Massa in the F1 standings. Without mentioning said driver, Lewis Hamilton, and his McLaren-Mercedes team by name, di Montezemolo remarked that Ferrari was "proud to provide technology to the Germans," a reference to last year's scandal in which the McLaren-Mercedes team was found to be in possession of secret Ferrari race car specifications.
Not much more was gleaned from the official unveiling, so it's likely we'll have to wait until the California's debut at the Paris Motor Show on October 2nd, 2008 to find out anything more. For now, you can see more of the California in video clips created by movie director Michael Mann at http://www.ferraricalifornia.com/ .

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Flying Ferraris may be in our Future

The California-based Moller International is beginning its flying prototype test mule with a Ferrari 599 GTB, or at least a scale model of one, and Paul Moller insists that the end result is workable and has production potential.
This isn't the first time Moller took on such projects and the company bearing his name. He's been working on the flying car since the early '80s, and his dream hasn't taken flight yet. There are two other creations which include the Moller M200 flying saucer and the M400 Sky Car, both which received lots of press on their way to obscurity.
Thanks to a wealthy Russian businessman who clearly wants to commute to his Moscow office quicker than his competitors in the style he's become used to, Moller hopes to have a life-size prototype of the Autovolanter flying soon. The car will be able to fly 75 miles without refueling and travel by ground for a total of 150 miles, says Moller, giving it a range necessary for short-range commuting.
This in consideration, it can't be a plane only flyable by specially trained pilots, but rather needs to be easy enough to be managed by an occasional weekend pilot.
The Autovolanter scale prototype shows helicopter-like blades enclosed within the car's "fuselage" for verticle lift, similar in principal to Britain's Harrier fighter jet or more recently, the Rolls-Royce Lift Fan and 3 Bearing Swivel Module (3BSM) that provides the verticle lift capability for the EU's Joint Strike Fighter, which is also known as the Eurofighter. While it appears as though the Autovolanter would get some verticle takeoff and landing capability it's more likely these fans are positioned to increase in-flight stability and allow greater computer control. The car-plane will also feature a large wing folded over its backside when not in use.
Unexpectedly, only 800-horsepower is needed, says Moller, to achieve flight. While such power should be possible through a tightly sprung version of Ferrari's V12, the engine simply weighs too much to work. Instead, the Autovolanter uses a hybrid powertrain featuring a rotary gasoline engine making approximately 350-horsepower and an electric motor developing about 500-horsepower.
Just like one of Ferraris F1 cars the Autovolanter is limited by fuel restraints. Rather than going a few more laps on a fully filled tank, the car-plane requires just the right balance of fuel versus weight on board to eliminate the problem of where the heavier it becomes, the shorter the range. Increasing consumption further, the added weight of excess fuel means that it needs more to get airborne.
While the idea is great in a George Jetson meets Enzo sort of way, news suggests Moller's dream may remain just that if considerable funding (approximately $5 million) doesn't intervene. Then again, even if an insurance company is not no longer seeking to underwrite the project, there just might be a wealthy Middle-Eastern sheik needing a flying Ferrari for his personal militia to go along with that wealthy Russian businessman. Paul, keep your fingers crossed.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Ferrari confesses to KERS problems

Ferrari is "struggling" with the development of its Kinetic Recovery System (KERS) and expects troubles in making it fully dependable for the start of 2009, its engine chief Gilles Simon has admitted.
The energy-saving device, which stores energy otherwise lost during braking and changes it into power, is allowed to be used in Formula 1 cars from next year-but teams have admitted it is proving to be a testing development challenge, while some have experienced high-profile teething problems.
Simon has now shown that the world champion squad is also having its own difficulties and predicts the teams that do decide to run it from the beginning in their cars next year are unlikely to have found a fully-reliable solution.
"The Kinetic Energy Recovery System is a complex subject, which finds us dealing with a lot of new and complicated areas, while ensuring that we still devote all necessary efforts into continuing our usual development programme on the current year car," he said. "It will be really challenging to run this system next year. "We are learning every day, but we are struggling and I think that all teams will struggle to run the new system reliably right from the opening race of the 2009 season."
He further said that gaining a better understanding of the standard Electronic Control Units (ECU) used from this year would also be needed to take full advantage of next year's major regulation changes.
"Next year, with KERS as well as the other rule change allowing the use of an electronic front flap adjuster (on the front wing) electronics will play a very big role and the common ECU will have to be fully understood in order to operate these new elements successfully," he commented.

Source: http://www.itv-f1.com

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Spy Photos of Ferrari Enzo Successor

Look at these photos of the early stage to the successor of the Enzo which is currently under development with the program code named the FX70.

This early prototype hidden under a 430 Scuderia shell can be seen with a massive Murcielago-style center mounted exhaust, a wider track and suspiciously looking rear wheels and tires. The FX70 mule sounds pretty amazing, the spy photographer commented.

It has been suggested through rumors that Ferrari is working on two separate engine alternatives: A twin-turbo V-8 pushing 700 horsepower and a twin-turbo V-12 which should produce an additional 50 to 100 horsepower more. We expect the times and temperament of the current automotive climate to push Ferrari towards the V-8. We'll see.

Source: http://www.carzi.com/

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Monticello Motor Club

New York investment manager James Glickenhaus has said he paid $4 million for his one-of-a-kind Ferrari P4/5 that can hit a top speed of 233 miles per hour. The challenge is finding somewhere to drive it.
"There is nothing like stepping on the gas of your favorite sports car and seeing what it can do," said Glickenhaus, 58, who helps manage $2 billion at Glickenhaus & Co. "I didn't invest in these cars to sit in a parking lot, to sit in stop-and-go traffic on the West Side Highway."
Glickenhaus, a former movie director, also owns a Ford MkIV, a Ferrari 166 Spyder Corsa and a Duesenberg J446. The Ferrari P4/5 is a customized version of a $1 million Ferrari Enzo.
Sports-car fans on Wall Street are backing a solution, the Monticello Motor Club, a private track 90 miles (140 kilometers) northwest of Manhattan. For a $125,000 entry fee, speedsters can zip as fast as they want along a twisting, 4.1-mile loop. Comedian Jerry Seinfeld and race-car driver Jeff Gordon are members, said Bill McMichael, chief executive officer and partner of the club, which opened last July 27.
"It's the most exciting thing I've ever done," said McMichael. "I've played almost every sport you can imagine. Nothing gives me the same sensation, the excitement, the thrill of driving a really fast car on a track."
Monticello's application form doesn't offer a check-off box for net worth of less than $5 million. Members' net worth averages almost $20 million, said McMichael, who was the founder of Trinity HomeCare, now a unit of Walgreen Co.
Membership is viewed as an investment by some. Enrollment is being capped at 500, said McMichael, 41. Once it reaches 350, the club will allow memberships to be sold at fair value.
McMichael was a member himself before leading a group of investors to buy the unfinished track project last November. It cost about $50 million to build the facility, he said. The track is on the site of a former airport near the village of Monticello, on 175 acres (70 hectares) in Sullivan County.
There are plans to add a hotel, spa, cafe, stores, and a helipad for quicker transportation from Manhattan, said McMichael, who has a Ferrari 575M and a new Ferrari F430 Scuderia.
The initiation fee and $7,500 annual dues total far less than paying years of admission charges to drive professional courses on days they open to amateurs, said Harry Schessel, 43, an entrepreneur who recently sold packaging maker AQL Decorating Co. and owns a Porsche GT3 RS. "It's probably the most unique driving experience in the world right now," Schessel said.
It may sound like a recipe for disaster: middle-age alpha males racing each other at 100 mph-plus. Not so, says McMichael.
"The real limitation here is the drivers' abilities," he has said. "We'll let them drive essentially as fast as they can while it's still safe."
He plans to offer instruction from professional drivers and the opportunity to drive cars from a fleet of classic and contemporary sports models, such as a 450-horsepower Ferrari 360 Stradale, for additional fees.
He said no one gets on the track until their ability is assessed and there are professional drivers ready to help. Club members are not going to act like 18-year-olds, he said.
"Our members are pretty successful guys," he said, "they don't want to come out here and just tear it up."
Speed fans who can't afford the $125,000 initiation fee can buy a small slice of the experience. One-day passes start at $2,500, said Ari Straus, 39, the club's chief operating officer.

Source: http://www.bloomberg.com/, http://www.baltimoresun.com/

Sunday, September 7, 2008

2009 Ferrari F430

Source: hubpages.com

2009 Ferrari 612 Scaglietti

Source: www.autogaleria.pl

2009 Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano

Source: car-photo-stock.blogspot.com

2009 Ferrari 430 Scuderia

Source: upload.wikimedia.org

2009 Ferrari California

For 2009 comes the brand-new Ferrari California, a model that goes back to the 250 GT California from the late 1950s and early 1960s. Featuring a convertible hardtop and an optional 2+2 passenger seat configuration in place of additional storage, the newest Ferrari is more of a grand tourer than its sportier F430 sibling. The California will come equipped with Ferrari's first dual-clutch gearbox mated to Maranello's 4.3-liter V-8 placed in the front. Zero to 60 mph is expected to be accomplished in less than 4 seconds. Pricing should be near the $200,000 mark.
The rest of the Ferrari lineup- F430, 430 Scuderia (new in 2008), 599 GTB Fiorano and the 612 Scaglietti- see no significant upgrades for the upcoming year.
Ferrari California
Price range: estimated at $200,000
Body/seats: hardtop convertible/2, 2+2
Base engine: 4.3-liter dohc 32V V-8, 452 bhp
Optional engine: none
Layout: F/R
Length (inches): 179.5
Weight (pounds): estimated 3300
Miles per gallon, city/highway: estimated 14/18
Side airbags: standard
Anti-lock Braking System: standard

Monday, September 1, 2008

Facts about Ferrari

-There is a Ferrari school which is a new technical training facility that opened in Maranello. It is called the Ferrari Training Center where there is a total of 149 courses at basic and advanced levels in a variety of languages. At the Ferrari Training Center, there are courses in mechanics, bodywork, electric systems, product information and post sales.
-There are 1500 technicians in the worldwide Ferrari network.
-There are 52 Ferrari markets worldwide.
-There are 38 Ferrari dealerships in the U.S.
-Ferrari is 85% owned by Fiat.

-Ferrari North America
250 Sylvan Ave.
Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632

Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Legendary Phil Hill, America's only born Formula One Champion, dies

Phil Hill, the only American-born F1 champion in history, who suffered from Parkinson's and a different degenerative neurological disorder, died at the Community Hospital of The Monterray Peninsula at 81 years old on Thursday, August 28, 2008.
Phillip Toll Hill Jr. was born into a middle-class family in Miami, Florida, on April 20, 1927, one of three children. His family moved to Santa Monica, California, and he later went on to study business administration at University of California from 1945 to 1947 before dropping out to pursue his growing love of motorsport.
Initially working as a mechanic and salesman in Los Angeles, Hill began competing in sportscar races in the U.S.
In 1955 he joined Ferrari's line-up at the Le Mans 24 Hours and went on to win the endurance classic three times in 1958, '61 and '62.
He made his Formula 1 debut in a Maserati 250F at the French Grand Prix shortly after his first Le Mans victory and was soon promoted to chief driver for Ferrari following the deaths of Luigi Musso and Peter Collins who died in separate accidents in 1958.
Hill spent the next four years at Ferrari, taking each of his three grand prix victories with the team (the first in 1960 at Monza)-two of which came in his 1961 championship-winning campaign.
In 1961, Phil Hill won the Formula One championship by a single point over his German teammate Count Wolfgang von Trips, who died in Ferrari's final race that season.
After leaving Ferrari in 1962, he spent two more seasons in the sport before retiring in 1964 with 48 starts, three victories, six pole positions and 16 podiums to his name.
He went on to establish America's leading vintage car restoration company, Hill & Vaughn with partner, Ken Vaughn in his native California after his retirement. He was later joined by Mario Andretti as an American to have won the F1 world championship, who remains the only U.S.-born winner.
Ferrari, the team with which he enjoyed so much success during his career, issued a statement paying tribute to Hill's achievements.
Its president Luca di Montezemolo said: "I, as well as all employees of Ferrari are extremely saddened by the news of the passing of Phil Hill, a man and a champion who gave so much to Ferrari and who has always greatly represented the company's values inside and outside the racing track.
"Phil Hill raced and won many competitions both with prototype cars, like the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the 12 Hours of Sebring, won three times each, as well as with F1 single seaters.
With our car, Phil won the Formula 1 Championship title in 1961 as the first American-born to reach this result.
"Phil and I have always kept in touch throughout the years and I know I will miss his passion and love for Ferrari very much.
"My deepest sympathies are with his wife Alma and son Derek in this sad moment."

Source: http://www.itv-f1.com/, http://www.telegraph.co.uk/, http://bleacherreport.com/

Friday, August 29, 2008

Stick shift option for Ferrari California

The Ferrari California is going to have available a manual gearbox. It not only will be able to hit 62 mph in less than four seconds from standstill, but the suspension has been honed by none other than seven-time world Formula One champion, Michael Schumacher. It features such track-friendly features as a tightened suspension and carbon-ceramic brake discs. The car will also get a set of lightweight wheels.
With a 4.3 liter V-8 (set in the front of the car, as opposed to being mid-mounted like many Ferraris) and developing 454 horsepower that drives the rear wheels, the California looks like it has plenty of go to back up the show. It should reach the dealers next spring.

Source: latimesblogs.latimes.com

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Videos and a problem with the Adsense ads

I'm sorry if I haven't been posting more, but I've been busy watching videos from Yaro Starak of Entrepreneurs-Journey.com and Kevin Wilke of Nitro Quattro.com gathering information about how to monetize my blog more. I found out by watching some videos by Yaro Starak that I can rent a server for Wordpress.org and it doesn't cost as much as I thought to buy besides a domain and hosting.
Last Tuesday I went to see my friend, the reference librarian as usual, because my blog was showing Public Service Ads instead of Google Adsense ads. He refreshed the page a few times and the Adsense ads showed up again.
The Adsense code was still in the HTML Source code of the blog because I checked it by going to 'View' of the toolbar at the top of the webpage of the blog, then 'Source'. I tried, "Switch to a different publisher ID," but that didn't work either when I went to 'Edit' of the Adsense ad of "Add and Arrange Page Elements." The problem was resolved though, that is all I care about.
There hasn't been much news lately that I've been interested in on Ferrari News from Google News Alert. It has primarily been about Formula 1 racing and auctions of old Ferraris.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Ferrari opens office in Dubai

Ferrari opens office in Dubai airport free zone.
"Sales have been in double digits in the last couple of years"-Fenech Premier Motors, the distributors of Ferrari in the Middle East region, announced the opening of their regional office recently to expand its business in the area.
"It is only natural to open a regional office in Dubai which is experiencing rapid economic growth along with the UAE and the entire Gulf region," said Mr. Edwin Fenech, General Manager for the Middle East and Africa of Ferrari. "Being at the Dubai Airport Free Zone, we can take advantage of state-of-the-art facilities and high quality of service which ranks amongst the best in the world. It is phenomenal and there is nothing like it."
Mr. Fenech added that the UAE is one of the most exciting markets for the international automobile industry and our sales have been in "double digits in the last couple of years."
He stated that although the Gulf countries account for less than one percent of the world's population, the market is especially important for luxury car makers" as this market generates demand for the most luxurious cars."
"Although there is a general economic downturn in most parts of the world, the Gulf economy is not affected and is in fact the beneficiary of soaring high oil prices. Oil prices and high per capita are helping to support our sales in the region. Customers in the Gulf wants the latest automobile models that often, they are delivered directly to customers after it arrives in the country without even reaching our showrooms."
Mr. Ibrahim Ahli, Director of marketing, Dubai Airport Free Zone, said, "We are quite pleased to have one of the world's leading automobile manufacturer Ferrari on board. We shall spare no effort to assure them of our support and back their growth strategy in every way," added Ahli.
"The obvious savings in time and the world class facilities and services that we offer are a boon to companies located at the Dubai Airport Free Zone," said Mr. Ahli.

Source: albawaba.com

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ferrari's first store in the United Kingdom

Ferrari is set to open its first UK store before the end of the year, on London's Regent Street.
Italy-based architect and design company Iosa Ghini is designing the interior of the new store, which will occupy over two floors. The pair have worked together since 1995.
A spokesperson for Iosa Ghini, Milena Mussi says, "There was no competition. Worldwide we have designed many other stores for them."
It will have two distinctive areas for the display and sale of the products, integrated to reflect the world of competitive sport.
The designers were required to address the dual focus of sport and private motoring in their design.
In the luxury area, glossy coatings, leather surfaces and attention to lighting will help display the projects.
It will stock the entire range of Prancing Horse products, aimed at Formula One fans, GT enthusiasts, children and collectors.
President and founder of the company Massimo Iosa Ghini is leading the project.

Source: designweek.co.uk

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Two of Three Ferrari FXX Evolutions delivered to Hong Kong customers

Hong Kong, Aug. 11- China Premium Lifestyle Enterprise, Inc. today announced that Auto Italia Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of its 49%-owned entity Technorient Ltd., delivered two of only three FXX Evolution models to be built by Ferrari to Hong Kong customers during a handover ceremony in Fiorano, Italy, near the Italian car company's factory on Wednesday, July 23rd. The third car was presented to a European client.

Even though demand for the (approx.) US $2.8 million super-sports car from numerous Ferrari collectors around the world, Auto Italia Ltd. proved successful in its bid to have two of the three allocated to its customers. Both clients exceeded the strict criteria set by Ferrari for ownership of this addition to its limited series range.

The FXX Evolution is a more extreme development of Ferrari's track-based FXX (of which 30 examples exist), itself a derivative of its coveted Enzo (total production of 400). Powered by a hand-built 6.2 litre V12 motor producing 860 bhp, the FXX Evolution has been developed to enable the three fortunate owners to participate in a development program conceived by Ferrari to test new technology in its cars.

Chairman and CEO of China Premium Lifestyle Enterprise, Ltd., Mr. Richard Lee, said: "The fact that Auto Italia Ltd. proved successful in achieving an allocation of two of only three of these magnificent cars is testimony not only to the high esteem in which Ferrari holds our customers, but also the close relationship that we enjoy with the Company. Our Principals also fully recognize the importance of Hong Kong and thus China, and indeed the whole Asia region, and its ability to produce such devoted customers with the necessary financial strength to participate in such an exciting program."

China Premium Lifestyle Enterprise, Inc., has established itself as a leading Ferrari and Maserati importer, distributor and dealer in Hong Kong and dealer in China, having been affiliated with Ferrari and Maserati since 1992 and 1994 respectively. The Company is expanding its offerings to include other luxury brands and goods from around the world, which it markets to its already established base of wealthy Chinese individuals.

Source: money.cnn.com

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ferrari design firm CEO dies in Vespa crash

Andrea Pininfarina, 51, head of the famed company that designs Ferraris, Fiats and the Ford Focus, died in a collision while riding his Vespa motor scooter last Thursday at about 8:15 am in Trofarello near the northern city of Turin, Italy said police official Luigi Semenzato. A company spokeswoman declined to give details.
Andrea was the third generation to run Pininfarina SpA, founded in 1930 by his grandfather Battista "Pinin" Farina, which is a car body design company that became known for some of the most iconic automobile body shells not only in Italy, but throughout the world.
His father, Sergio Pininfarina, is a senator in the Italian parliament.
"I'm deeply saddened," Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi said in an emailed statement. Italy " loses a leading personality of the country's industrial life and the representative of a dynasty that did so much for the made-in-Italy brand around the world."
Fiat and Ferrari Chairman Luca Cordero di Montezemolo praised his business acumen.
Mr. di Montezemolo said: "Italy, Turin and the entire Fiat group have lost a symbol of entrepreneurship, a man who carried on, and introduced innovations to, the work of his grandfather Pinin and his father Sergio."
Andrea Pininfarina was married to Cristina Maddalena Pellion di Persano. She and their three children survive him. His father, Sergio, is still honorary chairman of the company.

Source: theaustralian.news.com.au, bloomberg.com, news.scotsman.com

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Business Ventures

I understand that I may be confusing when I talk other than about Ferraris, but I want to write about things that are happening to me also when I'm making the blog. I'll try to keep to the subject of Ferraris.
I stopped using BeBiz, a fully-automated Internet business creating software, from the Internet Marketing Center on July 11, 2008 because I couldn't afford the membership no more and it was taking too long to create a website by using the software. It is the best I've seen for a comprehensive software package though.
I was also a student working in the Success Team Program in the John Beck's Free and Clear course for six coaching sessions and I was taught by a coach. I started on May 21, 2008 to July 11, 2008. I discontinued because it took too long to get a return and I am on a budget where I can't keep investing waiting to make a profit.
Right now I'm concentrating all my attention on the Ferrari blog and learning as much as possible about blogging and Ferraris.
Take care and I wish you a great day.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Google image search, Wordpress and Google Analytics

I got help from my friend that is a reference librarian again last Saturday on how to download an image from Google image search correctly. I have to rename the image because it is a long row of numbers otherwise when I download an image, instead of the way with a webpage that I was doing before. I wasn't having problems before when I first started out downloading webpages using, " save target as" when I right clicked to download to my desktop. Now though I use, "save picture as" to do that.
I found out that if I want to make more money, I need a blog with not only Google Adsense on Blogger.com, but more like Wordpress.org with more than one type of ads. I need Wordpress.org and not Wordpress.com because Wordpress.com doesn't allow you really to put ads on that blog platform. I found out about this from Problogger.net. I need to get my own domain and server which right now I can't afford yet.
I was trying to activate Google Analytics after I created the code earlier this week, but was having problems again so I contacted my friend who I met once more yesterday to help me. As always, he solved my problem.
Take care and I wish you a good day.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Custom Ferrari F430 spotted

Last week's sighting of a mysterious Ferrari photographed running development laps around the Fiorano test track at Maranello, Italy was apparently a modified F430 which is from Ferrari's recently announced coachbuilding service. It was at first suggested that it was the successor to the present model.
Ferrari has a strict rule to keeping undercover design details secret. It was a surprise then to a photographer to find that the car was completely undisguised being driven also around the factory boundaries. It is not to be confused with the latest prototype which remains covered in thick dark plastic. This car bears closely the signature of the Italian design house Fioravanti, a company now celebrating its 20th anniversary. It's the latest coachbuilding program started by Ferrari with official rights being extended to a handful of companies to produce the likes of Pininfarina's P4/5, Giugiaro's GG50 and Zagato's 575 GTZ.
This program is estimated to cost $3.1 million-but you get to use the F430, 612 Scaglietti or Enzo as a starting point. Ferrari says cutomers cannot change certain things, such as the drivetrain, front windshield and the fundamental crumple zone structure. In this case, the lighting units from the original F430 have been retained.
The back takes circular lights from the Ferrari 599, which have been installed on either side of the mesh cooling grille. Shallow flying buttresses are also evident, an obvious Pininfarina styling element. The front is a mildly re-sculpted front end of the base F430 and there is considerable use of carbon fiber-it's on the side skirts, mirrors, roof and lower front spoiler. Large vents are placed in the rear-wheel arches, possibly for performance.
The supercar is thought to be destined for an Asian collector.

Source: leftlanenews.com, autoweek.com, and autoblog.com

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Schumacher mistakenly accused of crashing a Ferrari

Ferrari is adamant about denying claims that the 39-year-old F1 champ Michael Schumacher crashed a 430 Scuderia prototype on the Nordschleife circuit at Nurburgring last week, saying their test driver was responsible for the unexpected guardrail collision during a private high speed run under damp conditions.

As reported by F1-Live, Ferrari spokesman Luca Colajanni stated factory driver Raffaele de Simone was driving the test car while the seven time F1 champion sat shotgun when it crashed.

"It is normal that test drivers swap seats to compare opinions," Colajanni stated to the German publication Bild. In a report published by the newspaper, eyewitnesses maintain their claims to see Schumacher to be the one who crashed the car. Prior to the crash run, Michael was reportedly spotted giving his young son a ride in the car. Neither one were wearing a helmet supposedly.

As reported by F1-Live, Schumacher was suspected to be running upwards of 250km/h (155mph) in the prototype at the closed track test session. Luckily, the former racer turned Ferrari roadcar tester walked away unharmed.

"Michael called me and said 'We have crashed the car, but are going to continue with another one'," Schumacher's spokeswoman Sabine Kehm stated to F1-Live.

I wish I had a better picture of Michael Schumacher, but I get my images from Google image search and I don't want to break some copyright law from copying a picture from another website. I would like a large portrait to show him.

Source: F1-Live.com, motortrend.com, and wheels 24.co.za

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Michael Schumacher fond of the Ferrari California

Before the debut of the Ferrari California at the October 2, 2008 Paris Auto Show, the seven time Formula 1 world champion Michael Schumacher has been involved with the car since its beginning and has played an important role in tuning the cars performance parameters alongside Maranello's technicians, engineers, and test-drivers.
Previously Michael's expertise was used also on the 430 Scuderia and quoted as saying: " The cars are very different, but each offers unique driving pleasure because of the inherently sporty character of all Ferraris."
"The 430 Scuderia is, of course, a more extreme model with a focus on absolutely cutting-edge performance."
"The California is very much a grand tourer in terms of usability and comfort, but still sporty and fun to drive under any conditions."
Ferrari in a statement noted that Schumacher recently explained at its dealer convention in Maranello at the headquarters saying the differences between the eight-cylinders in the 430 Scuderia and the California.
"They were designed to meet different requirements," he said. "The 430 Scuderia is aimed at drivers who want the very essence of a Ferrari and will get it out on the track as often as they can," he stated. "The Ferrari California, on the other hand, is designed for everyday use and for weekends away whilst still guaranteeing all the emotional impact that only an authentic Ferrari can deliver."
I was unable to download an image of Michael Schumacher because now I have a problem with all images from Google image search. I'm going to go to my friend at the library to hopefully get help to resolve this problem. Sorry about that.
Have a good day and I wish you well.

Source: motortrend.com, motoring.co.za, and edmunds insideline

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ferrari California Video Released on Microsite

Ferrari says at least 500 million viewers from around the world have visited the website: http://www.ferrarigtcountdown.com/ of the Ferrari California since its launch in May-the first extensive use of the Internet by the Italian automaker as part of a pre-launch marketing communications campaign.
The Ferrari California Web site has received 1 million direct hits, but has drawn a much larger audience from other sites linked to it, including Ferrari World, the company's official Internet portal.
Ferrari says most of the viewers are from the U.S., followed by Italy, the U.K., Japan and Germany. Somewhat surprisingly, China, Taiwan and Australia are also among the top 10 countries in visitors to the site.
I tried to upload an image of a blue California, the color that it comes in besides red, twice from two different sources on Google image search and I get the error that says: "imgres. htm: Your image is corrupt or is in an unrecognized format." I will continue to try to provide images of Ferraris that I'm talking about. I'm planning on moving to Wordpress.com soon because it allows me to add more ads on my blog as well as have an affiliate program.
Have a good day and I wish you well.

Source: edmunds insideline

Monday, July 28, 2008

More images of the Ferrari California and it making U.S. rounds

Ferrari released more images of the 2009 California. There is 67 new shots of Ferrari's V-8 powered grand-tourer that hit the Internet revealing more of the new car's interior and engine.

There have been a few examples of the two color versions of the Ferrari California, yet be publicly unveiled, roaming stateside, but previously seen only in studio shot press images. While many photos and videos have been hanging around the Web regarding the latest Prancing Horse (with the latest batch coming from Maranello itself), not many have been spotted this side of the Atlantic prior to the car's debut in Paris this October.
Interestingly, much criticism has been said about the latest styling language used by Pininfarina. In going through the essential Ferrari fan and owner's site Ferrari Chat, an overwhelming amount feel the car evokes a feeling of "softness" rather than the usual edgier, race-inspired hardness expected from the supercar builder. Many can't look past the controversial exterior to find its handcrafted 4.3-liter V-8 making 460 horsepower, but if they're ever lucky enough to get a ride in one, we bet the factory claimed under-four-second sprint to 60 mph will probably lessen some of their uncertainties about the car.

I'm experiencing computer problems again so that is why I'm unable to post the latest images of the Ferrari California.
I checked out the Ferrari California microsite just recently once more. They have updated it and you can go there. It is at: http://www.ferrarigtcountdown.com/ .
Have a good day and I wish you well.

Source: motortrend.com

Friday, July 25, 2008

Ferrari Tuners

There is such a thing as tuners for automobile companies like Ferrari and Novitec Rosso is the world's leading tuner of sports cars from Maranello. There is also Edo Competition, Hamman, and Mansory.
New from Novitec is a twin-supercharger Ferrari 430 Scuderia. The German tuner of Italian hardware raised the horsepower to 717hp and 532lb-ft of torque from 510hp and 347lb-ft it is fitted with when it comes from the factory.
Novitec Rosso was not timid with the parts list. It started with bolting twin superchargers and dual intercoolers, one for each cylinder bank, alongside a new engine-management system, high-performance air filters, and large injectors. It also added high-capacity fluid coolant systems and additional plumbing for the compressors and intercoolers.
Novitec says it has tuned the Ferrari 430 into a 0-to-62-mph time of 3.5 seconds and reaches 120 mph in 10 seconds.
For handling, Novitec lowers the car's center of gravity with sport springs. There's also an adjustable suspension that can raise the car as much as 1.6 inches for driveway entry and clearing speed bumps.
According to Novitec, the car's new top speed is 216mph.
The shell gets the bumblebee treatment: a yellow coat with black stripes, and three-piece black and yellow rims. Owners can choose any color combo they want for the interior.
Take a new F430 and add $73,583 to find out how much it costs.
Have a good day and I wish you well.

Source: autoweek.com

Thursday, July 24, 2008

DSL Problem and Implementation of Adsense Search Engine

I was unable to access my blog last night because I had an internet connection problem and I called AT&T about it after I diagnosed the problem myself. After talking to a service person about it, they had to send a technician today out to my apartment to figure what was the problem. I hadn't done any changes to the DSL modem and it just decided not to work.
I had a connection problem the night before and I troubleshooted and solved it. It involved checking all of the wiring and connections, unplugging and plugging back in the modem after waiting 20 seconds. The modem worked fine after that, then this problem came up.
The AT&T technician came over this morning at about 10:15am and fixed my DSL problem. He found the problem wasn't with the wiring so the last thing that could be wrong would be with the modem. He used a diagnostic device to determine this. He went down to his vehicle to get a replacement for the modem and came back, plugged it in and it worked. The technician got my email address, that he got with the device I believe, and I gave my password to see if I had a good connection. That was good and once that was done, everything worked. He said it was done for free and it took about 30 minutes for him to fix my problem.
I was finally able to implement the two codes from Google Adsense to the blog to create the search engine on it. That was done last Tuesday, 22nd of July. I got help from my friend at the library who is a reference librarian there. I would not have been able to figure it out on my own. It took about a week to accomplish. I'm grateful for his help.
Have a great day and I wish you well.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Ferrari Personalization

The existing models of Ferraris are not enough for some people and a growing number of customers want one of their own that is unique to satisfy their need for automotive individuality.
The Enzo-based Ferrari P4/5 is an example and it isn't in the official Ferrari line-up. It was created exclusively for car collector James Glickenhaus and is valued at over $3 million (!).
Until now, customers had to turn to custom coachbuilders like Pininfarina and Carrozzeria Touring for such exclusivity, but reports now suggest that Ferrari will offer extensive customization directly from the factory.
Appear at Maranello with 2 million euros in hand and an idea in mind, and Ferrari will create your very own sportscar based on one of their existing chassis and powertrains. The only limit which Ferrari will demand is no SUVs, sedans or wagons. They won't put a Ferrari emblem on just anything.
Have a good day and I wish you well.

My source is autoblog.com.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Ferrari Cutting Emissions

Ferrari intends to cut its vehicles' greenhouse gas emissions and is working on developing hybrid vehicles, the company president said Saturday, July 5th.
"We want to reduce our CO2 emissions by 40% between now and 2012," said Luca Cordero di Montezemolo to a German newspaper. He was quoted saying "we are currently working on the development of a Ferrari that will use alternative energy sources," which could include a hybrid system.
The automaker may develop a road version of the Kinetic Energy Regeneration System (KERS) its F1 team will use next season. A mild hybrid system that relies on regenerative braking, a KERS-equipped road going Ferrari would store captured energy in a battery powering an electric lightweight construction, and speculation is that future Maranello cars may squeeze similar performance numbers out of smaller engines, such as a turbo V-6. Combine this with a bio-ethanol fuel like E85, and CO2 emissions could drop even further.
Such a vehicle would be ready to go on the market around 2015.
When di Montezemolo was asked about the likelihood of fans of the powerful red sports cars buying a Ferrari with a hybrid or electric engine, he replied: " Yes, of course. It's the best sports car in the world. It's still fundamentally a Ferrari."

My sources are motortrend.com and afp.google.com.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Production of the Ferrari California

Production of the new front-engined Ferrari California has started. Manufacturing is taking place at Ferrari's brand new production line, the latest phase in the Formula Uomo program which started in 1997 to improve production, safety, and employee happiness. "Excellence is the driving force behind all of Ferrari's activities.We intend to create a working environment unlike any other anywhere in the world," says President Luca di Montezemolo. In 2007 the Maranello factory took home the European 'Best place to work' award.
Completion of the Formula Uomo is the new car assembly lines for the expected demand for the new model and a brand new restaurant. "With the addition of these two new buildings we have completed the renovation of the entire Car Production Area that began in the late 1990s and has involved the investment of over 200 million euros. Next year we will be going one step further when we begin work on the new facility for the Ferrari Formula One team," quoted the Ferrari President.
Mr. di Montezemolo said that the investment was about creating "user-friendly assembly" that increases the quality of the product and makes the experience better for workers. Ferrari says that the new line, on which cars are suspended rather than supported from below, reduces workers' movement by 60%, while increasing their available space by 20%.
The company, which has 2,800 employees in total, makes its vehicles on one site. Most of the 70 engines produced each day are destined for Maseratis, which is owned besides Ferrari by Fiat.
The Italian carmaker sold just under 6,500 cars last year in 52 markets, the U.S. accounting for the major share with 1,600 sales. About 1,000 were sold in the Asia-Pacific region and Luca di Montezemolo, president of Ferrari and chairman of Fiat, it's parent, expects those sales to catch up with America within five or six years.
Morgan Stanley said in a recent report that it expected Ferrari sales to hit 10,000 by 2010. The California will account for as much as 45% of the company's output by that time.
When Mr. di Montezemolo became Ferrari president in 1993, turnover stood at 230 million euros and the company made a 3.8 million euro loss. Last year, turnover hit 1.67 billion euros, producing a profit of 266 million euros. That figure is set to rise, giving Ferrari a pre-tax profit margin of 19% by 2010, according to Morgan Stanley, compared with 15.9% last year. If that happens, it would be more profitable than Porsche, which is thought to be the world's most profitable automaker.
Ferrari is not only known for it's cars that it sells, but for the cars it races. It funds its Formula One team through car sales, sponsorship and merchandising. Another growing number of Ferrari F1 stores is due to open on Regent St. in London in October. Guaranteeing the checkered flag may also help to convince potential buyers that it is worth waiting the average two years it takes to order and receive delivery of one of the world's most prized possessions.
Take care and I wish you a good day.

My sources of this information is worldcarfans.com and timesonline.co.uk.

Friday, July 11, 2008

An Image of the Ferrari California

I've been busy lately and haven't had time to devote to the blog, but I found some time tonight.
First of all I want to give credit to the Road & Track, Motor Trend & Car and Driver articles that were in this August 2008 issues about the Ferrari California. I don't want to plagiarize the authors' works, but I used some of their information. If I use their material, I'll give them credit.
I finally was able to put an image of the Ferrari California on the post. I at first put it in the left side of the post, but was later able to put the picture in the post by following the directions in my, "Blogging for Dummies."
I checked out the "California" website Thursday, the 3rd of July. It is one of the best or thee best website I've seen for displaying a car, in my opinion. I don't mean I have seen many auto websites, but I've seen my share. You can get the website address to the Ferrari California in the previous posting of Thursday, July 3rd.
I applied for Adsense Search, Thursday, July 3rd for this blog , but I have a difficult time implementing it. I'm trying to optimize my site. I'm going to get help from my friend, who is a reference librarian, to see if we can fix the problem.
I read an ebook called, "Harnessing the Power of Article Marketing" by Janet Wilson. The ebook is brought to you by Cynthia Minnaar. I read it last Friday, July 4th, 2008.
I'm not too interested in Ferrari F1 news. I'm not into racing, but if you want me to cover it, let me know.
As you can see I've added a blogroll and a list of websites. I try to add something every week to offer as much as possible as I can.
I've recently got a Google Alert on Ferrari articles so I can keep up with the news about the company and it's products.
So much for now.
Have a great day and I wish you well.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Ferrari California

I finally received last Monday, June 30th, the emails from both of the two Ferrari dealerships that I emailed to last week. It was in regards to a question my sister-in-law asked me. She asked something along the lines of, "Do they have technicians come out to your house to repair or do maintenance on your Ferrari?" One dealership said, "Only in an emergency." and the other said, "No, we only work on vehicle in the shop."
I've decided to talk about Ferraris a little more, especially the new Ferrari California. It is the much anticipated, front mid-engine, rear drive convertible-only, 2-door "grand tourer" with a true, fully retractable hardtop which when the top is down, is completely flat-just like a Mercedes-Benz SL.
It is to debut on October 1st at the Paris auto show and then goes on sale at a price rumored to be between $290,000 as for the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti and the base price $210,000 for the Ferrari F430. Ferrari says the California should be on sale in Europe by the end of the year, with U.S. sales following later.
As with all Ferraris, the engine is the star of the show. Like it's stablemate, the mid-engine two-seat F430, the front-engine California is powered by a 4.3 liter V8 with a race-car-like "flat"-plane crankshaft. Unlike the F430's engine, the California's V8 sports a direct-fuel-injection system and makes 454 horsepower at 7500 rpm. The higher revving F430 V8 makes 483 horsepower at 8500 rpm in coupe and spider versions; the 430 Scuderia is good for 503 horsepower. Transferring the power to the rear wheels is a new dual-clutch gearbox (a Ferrari first) with seven forward gears. Ferrari is promising performance and fuel economy to the tune of 0 to 62 in less than four seconds and a respectable 18mpg on the highway.
Another dramatic move, Ferrari has swapped out its traditional double-wishbone suspension at the rear for a new multilink rear setup with the F-1-Trac traction control from the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano and have included those amazing (and incredibly expensive, lightweight and fade resistant) Brembo carbon-ceramic disc brakes.
So why would anyone buy the less powerful California over a less expensive F430? For starters, the California is a convertible, and it has two back seats or finished parcel shelf. The rear seats are small, but a F430 doesn't have a lot of extra room for luggage or kids at all.
In yet another new move, Ferrari has been unveiling the California bit by bit online on a special website: http://www.ferrarigtcountdown.com/ . The first piece released was the sound for the car's V8, followed days later by three photographs. More photos and information about the car will continue to be posted in the coming weeks until it's release.
I will post a picture of the Ferrari California as soon as I learn how to do it on my blog.
Have a great day and I wish you well.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Implementing the Adsense Code

I finally was able to implement my Adsense Code into the HTML Source Code yesterday, the 1st of July, by getting help from a friend who is a reference librarian. He found that I added four extra digits at the end of my zip code when I first set up my account in my "Payee Information" under the "My Account"tab. When I needed to enter the zip code later when the postal code was asked for, I didn't add the four digits, not realizing that I needed them. My friend edited the "Payee Information" and I was then able to implement my Adsense Code by using the template method.
I made $1.06 for earnings on my blog with Google Adsense by last night at 9:18 pm CST. I had 22 page impressions and 2 clicks.
This is the quickest way I know to make money on the Internet, by starting a blog and using Adsense. I found out about this from John Chow dot Com, analyzing websites and seeing what other people were doing to make money.
In regards to an earlier post, Joann Mason is the author of, "21 Income Streams : Multiple Ways To Make Money Online" ebook. As I said before, she is the one that suggested to start a blog at first when you are starting out.
I finished reading, "BlogWild!" last Monday which I started reading three days earlier than that. The author, Andy Wibbels, uses TypePad as the blogging platform to make his blogs unlike Blogger that I use.
I bet you are wondering when am I going to talk about Ferraris. I'm working on an article right now on the Ferrari California and hopefully it will be in my next post once I edit it.
Have a good day and I wish you well.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Reason Why

I've started this blog because it allows me to express myself. I treat it as an adventure, my immersion into the blogosphere. It is real easy to set up and publish a blog. You don't have to work with HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), which is the computer language to make webpages.
I was inspired by John Chow dot Com because John Chow speaks English as his second language, I believe, and still manages to create a blog. Making a decent income by talking about how he makes money on his blog. I found out about him in the Entrepreneur magazine. I'm just testing out doing a blog to see if I can make a living at it. A blog was recommended by Joann Mason to start to make money right away as well as do, for instance, an affiliate program and an ebook.
I'm just looking for knowledge I can use, facts I can utilize to make a living. Not trivia or worthless, theoretical ideas. I want practical information. There is book knowledge and then there is street knowledge. Book knowledge is what you get from classrooms and by reading textbooks. Street knowledge is what you experience from actually doing something in the real world and going through it.
I just bought, "Blogging for Dummies" last Tuesday, the 24th of June, to learn more and prepare myself to write better and offer more in my blog like pictures and video.
I've yet to hear a reply from the two Ferrari dealerships that I contacted on the question I received from my friend's wife so I emailed them again tonight.
Take care and I wish you well.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Suggestions and a Question

I talked to my friend and his wife yesterday and I was given some suggestions how to improve my blog. My friend commented that I talked a little too much about money and that people come to the blog to learn about Ferraris. His wife said something like, "Do they have technicians come out to your home to work on your Ferrari?" For instance, when there is to be done a repair or maintenance.
From what I've learned on the Internet is that there is 1500 technicians in the worldwide Ferrari network.
I emailed two dealerships nearest me to ask the question that my friend's wife asked.
I understand what my friend is saying, but I want my viewers to know what is motivating me and tell them a little about myself so they can know me more personally.
Why I love Ferraris is because they are among the most desirable of vehicles to own and drive, and are one of the ultimate status symbols of wealth in the world.
Another reason why I love Ferraris is because, like with the modern ones, I like their design. I'm interested in automotive design and that is why I'm attracted to these kinds of cars.
I try to be perfect at what I do, as with writing this blog, but sometimes things don't turn out like you want. I'll try my best to serve the Ferrari public.
One other thing is, I want to keep my family's and friend's identities private because I don't want to offend them. That is why I'm referring to them in my blog in general. I'm still going to talk to you about myself and Ferraris though.
Have a good day and I wish you well.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Applying for and Code Implementation of Adsense

I have been busy last Wednesday applying for Adsense from Google. I was approved and have tried Thursday and today to implement the Adsense code by copying and pasting the code into the HTML source code. I've tried more than once so we'll see if I did it right. I have up to 48 hours to find out if it is correct.
I've customized my blog tonight by changing the colors on it to what I wanted. I think it looks a lot better now.
You might ask yourself why I made a blog for Ferrari enthusiasts. Well, because I wanted to do something that I'm interested in and passionate about. Also to make money at it. If you enjoy what you're doing, then you'll stick with it. My goal is to make this a part-time business. I'm working on a website also at the same time on Ferraris. I was thinking about making websites on Corvettes, Porsches and Lamborghinis also. I'm interested in high performance sports cars.
I don't know if I can do it though because I might spread myself too thin.
Another reason why I wanted to make this blog besides making money was to make an income as soon as possible. The fully-automated Internet business creating software I'm using right now is taking me longer than I'd want. It's called BeBiz from the Internet Marketing Center. It's fun for me working on it as well as doing this blog.
I'll talk more about Ferraris in my next post. I just wanted to talk about what I've been doing and about myself.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Questions for my audience

This is my first posting for my very first blog.
I have a few questions for you out there. What do you want to know or what problems do you want solved pertaining to Ferrari cars? Is it to know how much it costs to buy, maintain, and repair a Ferrari? Where to buy one? Is it to know what the auto loans and insurance costs? If you can't afford a Ferrari, would you want to know how much it would cost to rent one? What product or service do you want?
I'm here to serve the Ferrari enthusiasts that not only have a Ferrari/s, but people who would like to someday drive and/or own at least one. I want to provide as much quality information as possible to be of some value to the fans of Ferrari.
I plan on providing links to articles, blogs, forums, consumer review sites, directories, clubs, videos, pictures and any other websites. I want also to give information on magazines, E-zines, and books about Ferraris. To be the one stop shop on the latest news.