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Friday, September 19, 2008

Ferrari confesses to KERS problems

Ferrari is "struggling" with the development of its Kinetic Recovery System (KERS) and expects troubles in making it fully dependable for the start of 2009, its engine chief Gilles Simon has admitted.
The energy-saving device, which stores energy otherwise lost during braking and changes it into power, is allowed to be used in Formula 1 cars from next year-but teams have admitted it is proving to be a testing development challenge, while some have experienced high-profile teething problems.
Simon has now shown that the world champion squad is also having its own difficulties and predicts the teams that do decide to run it from the beginning in their cars next year are unlikely to have found a fully-reliable solution.
"The Kinetic Energy Recovery System is a complex subject, which finds us dealing with a lot of new and complicated areas, while ensuring that we still devote all necessary efforts into continuing our usual development programme on the current year car," he said. "It will be really challenging to run this system next year. "We are learning every day, but we are struggling and I think that all teams will struggle to run the new system reliably right from the opening race of the 2009 season."
He further said that gaining a better understanding of the standard Electronic Control Units (ECU) used from this year would also be needed to take full advantage of next year's major regulation changes.
"Next year, with KERS as well as the other rule change allowing the use of an electronic front flap adjuster (on the front wing) electronics will play a very big role and the common ECU will have to be fully understood in order to operate these new elements successfully," he commented.

Source: http://www.itv-f1.com

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