Quote from the Founder of Ferrari

"The Ferrari is a dream-people dream of owning this special vehicle and for most people it will remain a dream, apart from for those lucky few." -Enzo Ferrari

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Look at these photos of the early stage to the successor of the Enzo which is currently under development with the program code named the FX70.

This early prototype hidden under a 430 Scuderia shell can be seen with a massive Murcielago-style center mounted exhaust, a wider track and suspiciously looking rear wheels and tires. The FX70 mule sounds pretty amazing, the spy photographer commented.

It has been suggested through rumors that Ferrari is working on two separate engine alternatives: A twin-turbo V-8 pushing 700 horsepower and a twin-turbo V-12 which should produce an additional 50 to 100 horsepower more. We expect the times and temperament of the current automotive climate to push Ferrari towards the V-8. We'll see.

Source: http://www.carzi.com/

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