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"The Ferrari is a dream-people dream of owning this special vehicle and for most people it will remain a dream, apart from for those lucky few." -Enzo Ferrari

Friday, July 11, 2008

An Image of the Ferrari California

I've been busy lately and haven't had time to devote to the blog, but I found some time tonight.
First of all I want to give credit to the Road & Track, Motor Trend & Car and Driver articles that were in this August 2008 issues about the Ferrari California. I don't want to plagiarize the authors' works, but I used some of their information. If I use their material, I'll give them credit.
I finally was able to put an image of the Ferrari California on the post. I at first put it in the left side of the post, but was later able to put the picture in the post by following the directions in my, "Blogging for Dummies."
I checked out the "California" website Thursday, the 3rd of July. It is one of the best or thee best website I've seen for displaying a car, in my opinion. I don't mean I have seen many auto websites, but I've seen my share. You can get the website address to the Ferrari California in the previous posting of Thursday, July 3rd.
I applied for Adsense Search, Thursday, July 3rd for this blog , but I have a difficult time implementing it. I'm trying to optimize my site. I'm going to get help from my friend, who is a reference librarian, to see if we can fix the problem.
I read an ebook called, "Harnessing the Power of Article Marketing" by Janet Wilson. The ebook is brought to you by Cynthia Minnaar. I read it last Friday, July 4th, 2008.
I'm not too interested in Ferrari F1 news. I'm not into racing, but if you want me to cover it, let me know.
As you can see I've added a blogroll and a list of websites. I try to add something every week to offer as much as possible as I can.
I've recently got a Google Alert on Ferrari articles so I can keep up with the news about the company and it's products.
So much for now.
Have a great day and I wish you well.

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