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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Implementing the Adsense Code

I finally was able to implement my Adsense Code into the HTML Source Code yesterday, the 1st of July, by getting help from a friend who is a reference librarian. He found that I added four extra digits at the end of my zip code when I first set up my account in my "Payee Information" under the "My Account"tab. When I needed to enter the zip code later when the postal code was asked for, I didn't add the four digits, not realizing that I needed them. My friend edited the "Payee Information" and I was then able to implement my Adsense Code by using the template method.
I made $1.06 for earnings on my blog with Google Adsense by last night at 9:18 pm CST. I had 22 page impressions and 2 clicks.
This is the quickest way I know to make money on the Internet, by starting a blog and using Adsense. I found out about this from John Chow dot Com, analyzing websites and seeing what other people were doing to make money.
In regards to an earlier post, Joann Mason is the author of, "21 Income Streams : Multiple Ways To Make Money Online" ebook. As I said before, she is the one that suggested to start a blog at first when you are starting out.
I finished reading, "BlogWild!" last Monday which I started reading three days earlier than that. The author, Andy Wibbels, uses TypePad as the blogging platform to make his blogs unlike Blogger that I use.
I bet you are wondering when am I going to talk about Ferraris. I'm working on an article right now on the Ferrari California and hopefully it will be in my next post once I edit it.
Have a good day and I wish you well.

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