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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ferrari California Video Released on Microsite

Ferrari says at least 500 million viewers from around the world have visited the website: http://www.ferrarigtcountdown.com/ of the Ferrari California since its launch in May-the first extensive use of the Internet by the Italian automaker as part of a pre-launch marketing communications campaign.
The Ferrari California Web site has received 1 million direct hits, but has drawn a much larger audience from other sites linked to it, including Ferrari World, the company's official Internet portal.
Ferrari says most of the viewers are from the U.S., followed by Italy, the U.K., Japan and Germany. Somewhat surprisingly, China, Taiwan and Australia are also among the top 10 countries in visitors to the site.
I tried to upload an image of a blue California, the color that it comes in besides red, twice from two different sources on Google image search and I get the error that says: "imgres. htm: Your image is corrupt or is in an unrecognized format." I will continue to try to provide images of Ferraris that I'm talking about. I'm planning on moving to Wordpress.com soon because it allows me to add more ads on my blog as well as have an affiliate program.
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