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Monday, July 28, 2008

More images of the Ferrari California and it making U.S. rounds

Ferrari released more images of the 2009 California. There is 67 new shots of Ferrari's V-8 powered grand-tourer that hit the Internet revealing more of the new car's interior and engine.

There have been a few examples of the two color versions of the Ferrari California, yet be publicly unveiled, roaming stateside, but previously seen only in studio shot press images. While many photos and videos have been hanging around the Web regarding the latest Prancing Horse (with the latest batch coming from Maranello itself), not many have been spotted this side of the Atlantic prior to the car's debut in Paris this October.
Interestingly, much criticism has been said about the latest styling language used by Pininfarina. In going through the essential Ferrari fan and owner's site Ferrari Chat, an overwhelming amount feel the car evokes a feeling of "softness" rather than the usual edgier, race-inspired hardness expected from the supercar builder. Many can't look past the controversial exterior to find its handcrafted 4.3-liter V-8 making 460 horsepower, but if they're ever lucky enough to get a ride in one, we bet the factory claimed under-four-second sprint to 60 mph will probably lessen some of their uncertainties about the car.

I'm experiencing computer problems again so that is why I'm unable to post the latest images of the Ferrari California.
I checked out the Ferrari California microsite just recently once more. They have updated it and you can go there. It is at: http://www.ferrarigtcountdown.com/ .
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