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"The Ferrari is a dream-people dream of owning this special vehicle and for most people it will remain a dream, apart from for those lucky few." -Enzo Ferrari

Monday, July 21, 2008

Ferrari Personalization

The existing models of Ferraris are not enough for some people and a growing number of customers want one of their own that is unique to satisfy their need for automotive individuality.
The Enzo-based Ferrari P4/5 is an example and it isn't in the official Ferrari line-up. It was created exclusively for car collector James Glickenhaus and is valued at over $3 million (!).
Until now, customers had to turn to custom coachbuilders like Pininfarina and Carrozzeria Touring for such exclusivity, but reports now suggest that Ferrari will offer extensive customization directly from the factory.
Appear at Maranello with 2 million euros in hand and an idea in mind, and Ferrari will create your very own sportscar based on one of their existing chassis and powertrains. The only limit which Ferrari will demand is no SUVs, sedans or wagons. They won't put a Ferrari emblem on just anything.
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My source is autoblog.com.

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