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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Videos and a problem with the Adsense ads

I'm sorry if I haven't been posting more, but I've been busy watching videos from Yaro Starak of Entrepreneurs-Journey.com and Kevin Wilke of Nitro Quattro.com gathering information about how to monetize my blog more. I found out by watching some videos by Yaro Starak that I can rent a server for Wordpress.org and it doesn't cost as much as I thought to buy besides a domain and hosting.
Last Tuesday I went to see my friend, the reference librarian as usual, because my blog was showing Public Service Ads instead of Google Adsense ads. He refreshed the page a few times and the Adsense ads showed up again.
The Adsense code was still in the HTML Source code of the blog because I checked it by going to 'View' of the toolbar at the top of the webpage of the blog, then 'Source'. I tried, "Switch to a different publisher ID," but that didn't work either when I went to 'Edit' of the Adsense ad of "Add and Arrange Page Elements." The problem was resolved though, that is all I care about.
There hasn't been much news lately that I've been interested in on Ferrari News from Google News Alert. It has primarily been about Formula 1 racing and auctions of old Ferraris.

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